(a)   Covering of Vehicles. All refuse vehicles shall be covered whenever possible so that refuse or garbage being carried will not be open, except when necessary.
   (b)   Disinfection of Vehicles.  Any person owning or controlling any refuse vehicle shall cause such vehicle to be thoroughly disinfected at least once a week, unless the same shall not have been used since the last disinfection thereof.
   (c)   Parking of Vehicles.  No person owning or controlling any vehicle used for the carrying or transporting of any garbage, ashes, miscellaneous waste or manure shall cause or permit such vehicle, when in use for such purpose, to stand or remain before or near any building or premises occupied by any person for an unreasonable or unnecessary period of time. 
(Ord. 1995-08.  Passed 4-10-95; Ord. 2006-48.  Passed 12-11-06.)