(a)   Placement on Street or Alley; Exceptions. On the day the collection of garbage and rubbish is scheduled for any premises, or not earlier than 6:00 p.m. of the night before such collection is scheduled, all garbage, trash and rubbish shall be placed at the street in front of the premises where there is no alley, or at the alley where there is an alley.  If the occupant or occupants of any building is or are handicapped, then the garbage, rubbish or trash shall be picked up from the garbage bins at the rear or side of the building.
   (b)   Requirements for Placement.  Garbage shall be in a securely tied plastic bag or inside of a garbage can with a tight-fitting lid.  Rubbish placed for collection must be in a securely tied plastic bag, except that papers may be placed in a cardboard carton or tied in bundles weighing not more than twenty-five pounds and brush from tree limbs or bushes may be tied in bundles not more than three feet long and weighing not more than twenty-five pounds each.  All glass, all sharp corners and all sharp items shall be securely wrapped to prevent damage to the plastic sack and to prevent injury to any person collecting the plastic sacks.
(Ord. 1995-08.  Passed 4-10-95; Ord. 2006-48.  Passed 12-11-06.)