1046.30  METERS.
   (a)   Required. All water supplied by the Village shall be supplied only through meters. However, in cases where it is impractical to set a meter, the use and consumption of water shall be governed by other applicable provisions of these Codified Ordinances.
   (b)   Ownership; Purchase. All meters used in connection with the water system shall be the property of the Village and shall be purchased by the Village, but shall be paid for by consumers.
   (c)   Tampering. After a water meter is placed, only officers or employees of the Village shall be allowed to repair, remove or in any manner interfere with the same.
   (d)   Stopcock or Valve. A stopcock or valve shall be placed on each side of each water meter.
   (e)   Responsibility for Repairs; Liability for Damage. The cost of keeping each water meter in repair shall be paid by the person upon whose application such meter was installed or repaired, as soon as the bill therefor is presented. Such person shall be liable for any breakage, loss or damage to such meter, however caused, except by ordinary use and wear. The cost of making good such loss or damage shall be paid by such person as soon as the bill therefor is presented. The amount thereof shall be a lien against the premises for which such meter was installed to the extent of, and with the same effect as, water rates.
   (f)   Replacements. If a water meter becomes worn out and unfit for use, the consumer shall be required to have a new meter installed.
   (g)   Types. The Commissioner of Public Works and Streets or his or her designated representative shall, in all cases, determine the kind and pattern of water meters to be adopted, and no other kind shall be installed at any time.
   (h)   Placement; Location.
      (1)   Water meters shall be located at such places and in such a manner as the Village, through Council, directs. Boxes or vaults in which such meters are to be placed shall be in accordance with specifications to be prescribed by the Village. Such boxes or vaults must be constructed so as to prevent the freezing of water flowing through the meters contained therein. Vaults must be kept in such a condition that meters may be read at any time.
      (2)   Each meter shall be set in a meter vault of not less than eighteen inches in internal diameter with a steel or cast iron lid or cover, except where there are heated basements, in which case the meter can be installed in such basement.
(Ord. 1987-41a. Passed 8-24-87; Ord. 1995-16. Passed 5-22-95.)