(a)   All owner(s) and/or occupant(s) of any premises supplied with water from the Village's water system shall, at their own expense, keep the service pipe, from the point of connection with the buffalo or shut-off box (B-Box) to the premises, and all other apparatus in relation thereto, in good repair and properly protected from frost and any damage.
   (b)   Leaks in the service pipe between the buffalo or shut-off box (B-Box) and the premises being served shall be repaired by the property owner at his or her expense, and if not repaired within three days after receiving notice from the Village, the water shall be shut off until the repair is made.  If, in the opinion of the Village, the leak is of sufficient size, the Village may forthwith shut off the service until the repair is made.
   (c)   In the event that a leak occurs in a service line at a location prior to the water going through, and registering on, the water meter, the Village shall, based on a review of the leak and the best available information, calculate the rate of flow of the leak and the length of time the leak has continued, to determine the amount of water that has been supplied to the premises, but which was not metered as a result of the leak.  The cost of said water shall be added to the next water bill for the premises.
(Ord. 1987-41a.  Passed 8-24-87; Ord. 2009-14.  Passed 5-11-09.)