In areas designated as combined sewer areas on the Metropolitan Sanitary District maps, the following requirements shall apply:
   (a)   Separation. Complete separation of sewers shall be provided within the property lines.
   (b)   Detention and/or Constrictions. Detention shall be provided and/or permanent constrictions shall be built into the storm sewerage system to control the flow into the existing combined system in accordance with the requirements of the local government.
   (c)   Downspouts. All downspouts or roof drains shall discharge onto the ground or be connected to a storm or combined sewer. No downspout or roof drain shall be connected to a sanitary sewer.
   (d)   Footing Drains. Footing drains shall be connected to sump pumps, and discharge shall be made into storm sewers, combined sewers or drainage ditches. No footing drain or drainage tile shall be connected to a sanitary sewer. After December 31, 1970, all new construction shall conform to the requirements of this subsection.  No permit application will be accepted, nor any permit issued after December 31, 1970, to any municipality or local government unless such municipality or local government has adopted an ordinance reflecting the requirements of this subsection and unless a copy of such ordinance has been filed with the Metropolitan Sanitary District. In addition, the permittee and/or the copermittee shall agree to comply with the requirements of this chapter.
   (e)   Floor Drains. Floor drains in basements shall be connected to sump pumps and discharged to sanitary or combined sewers.
   (f)   Sump Pumps. Sump pumps installed to receive and discharge ground waters or other storm waters shall be connected to storm or combined sewers or discharge into a drainage ditch. Sump pumps installed to receive and discharge floor drain flow or other sanitary sewage shall be connected to sanitary or combined sewers. A sump pump shall be used for one function only: either the discharge of storm waters or the discharge of sanitary sewage.
(Ord. 1975-15. Passed 11-10-75.)