Building service sewers shall generally enter the sewer main or lateral by way of an existing wye or tee. If there is no wye or tee, the connection to the sewer main or lateral shall be made by one of the methods indicated below. If another method is desired, a detail shall be submitted for review and approval by the Metropolitan Sanitary District before the connection is made. Indiscriminate breaking of the sewer main pipe is not permitted.
   (a)   Installation of a manhole;
   (b)   Circular saw-cut of the sewer main by proper tools ("Shewer-Tap" machine or similar) and proper installation of a hub wye saddle or a hub tee saddle, in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations;
   (c)   Removal of an entire section of pipe and replacement with a wye or tee branch section. Pipe section shall be removed by breaking only the top of one bell. After the wye or tee branch is inserted, concrete shall be placed over the broken area to a minimum thickness of four inches and to a dimension of eight inches in all directions.
   (d)   Using a pipe cutter, neatly and accurately cutting out the desired length of pipe for insertion of the proper fitting. "Band-Seal" couplings, or similar couplings, and shear rings and clamps shall be used to fasten the inserted fitting and hold it firmly in place. The manufacturer's recommendations for the installation shall be followed.
(Ord. 1975-15. Passed 11-10-75.)