1040.12  MATERIALS.
   All materials shall conform to applicable ASTM, ANSI (ASA) or other national or accepted standards.  When the materials indicated below are specified by the design engineer, the pipe joints shall conform to the specifications shown for sanitary sewer work in separate areas and for all sewer work in combined areas:
Vitrified clay pipe
ASTM C-425
Concrete sewer pipe
ASTM C-443
Asbestos cement pipe
ASTM D-1869
Truss pipe (ABS pipe)
ASTM D-2680
Cast iron pipe
ASA A 21.11
Ductile iron pipe
ASA A 21.11
   Nothing contained in this chapter shall be interpreted to mean or imply an endorsement by the Village of any material over another, or an opinion by the Village regarding the equality or superiority of the performance qualities of any of the materials.
(Ord. 1975-15. Passed 11-10-75.)