Chap. 802.  Business Regulations in Conflict with Certain Home Rule Ordinances of Cook County.
   Chap. 804.  Commercial Establishments and Licensing in General.
   Chap. 808.  Alcoholic Beverage Sales.
   Chap. 812.  Automobile Service Stations.
   Chap. 828.  Food Service Establishments and Retail Food Stores.
   Chap. 832.  Haulers.
   Chap. 856.  Restaurants. (Repealed)
   Chap. 858.  Sale of Tobacco Products.
   Chap. 860.  Scavengers.
   Chap. 864.  Solicitors and Distributors.
   Chap. 868.  Cable/Video Service Providers.
    Chap. 870.  Adult-Use Cannabis Business Establishments.