The Village Manager shall be the chief administrative position of the Village, under the corporate authorities.  The Village Manager shall be responsible to the corporate authorities for proper administration of all Village departments and all the affairs of the Village.  To that end, the Village Manager shall have the authority, and shall be required:
   (a)   To enforce all laws and ordinances of the Village.
   (b)   To attend all meetings of the corporate authorities.  The Village Manager shall have the right to take part in the discussion of all matters coming before the corporate authorities, but shall have no right to vote.  The Village Manager shall be notified of all special and regular meetings of the corporate authorities.
   (c)   To hire, discipline and terminate all employees, except as otherwise provided in the Village Code, the Village's personnel manual or in a union contract, upon such terms as shall, in the Village Manager's judgment, be reasonable and consistent with the provisions of the Village Code and the Village's personnel manual.  The aforementioned authority shall include the authority of the Village Manager to hire or terminate individual employees, and to delegate portions of this authority to appropriate department heads, subject to the Village Manager's review and approval prior to any final action.
   (d)   Subject to the direction of the corporate authorities, to exercise administrative control of all departments of the Village, and all divisions of each department, now in existence or that may hereafter be created by the corporate authorities.
   (e)   To recommend to the corporate authorities a standard schedule of pay for each position in the Village.
   (f)   To investigate the affairs of the Village, or any department thereof, and investigate all complaints in relation to matters concerning the administration and/or the government of the Village, and in regard to service maintained by the public utilities in the Village, and make such recommendations to the corporate authorities as may be appropriate based on the results of any such investigation.
   (g)   To see to the purchase of all materials, supplies and equipment, for which funds are appropriated in the budget, without need for prior approval of the corporate authorities, provided the amount of any such purchase does not exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000).  The Village Manager may not purchase any item, in the event that said purchase would exceed the appropriation amount set forth in the Village's budget, without the prior consent of the corporate authorities.  The Village Manager may issue rules and regulations governing purchases and requisitions and the transaction of the business of purchasing, subject to approval by the corporate authorities.  In the case of a public emergency, which does not allow for timely action to be taken by the corporate authorities at a special meeting, the Village Manager may, without the prior consent of the corporate authorities, enter into contracts and make purchases for the purpose of addressing the public emergency in a timely manner, but shall promptly file with the corporate authorities a written document summarizing said public emergency, and the necessity of the actions taken by the Village Manager in relation thereto, together with an itemized account of all expenditures made in relation thereto.
   (h)   From time to time, to make recommendations to the corporate authorities relative to the adoption of such ordinances and resolutions as the Village Manager may deem necessary or expedient.
   (i)   From time to time, to make reports or recommendations to the corporate authorities, or to the appropriate Village board, commission or committee, relative to the affairs of the Village, as the Village Manager may deem advisable or as the Mayor or corporate authorities may request.
(Ord. 2011-24. Passed 5-23-11.)