It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to engage in any building trade business, including general contracting, within the city without having first obtained a license as herein provided:
   (A)   Those building trade businesses that have obtained a city business license, as they are located within the city limits, will also be required to obtain a building trade license, and submit all required documentation, but will not be assessed a fee.
   (B)   Plumbing contractors that submit certification as plumbing contractors licensed by the State of Illinois are not required to submit any additional documentation, nor are such contractors assessed a fee.
   (C)   It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in the business of electrical contracting within the city without having first registered and paid an annual registration fee as set by ordinance.
      (1)   As used in this section, the term ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR means any person engaged in the business of installing or altering, by contract, electrical equipment for the utilization of electricity for light, heat, or power.
      (2)   The term ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR shall not include the installing or altering of radio apparatus or equipment, or wireless reception of sounds and signals, or apparatus, conductors, or other equipment installed for or by public utilities, including common carriers under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Commerce Commission, for use in their operation as public utilities; nor shall the term include those employed by an ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR to do or supervise such work.
(Ord. O-02-09, passed 1-6-09)