32.01   Term
   32.02   General duties; right to inspect records
   32.03   [Reserved]
   32.04   Mayor to preside; right to vote
   32.05   Removal of officers
   32.06   Designation of duties, powers of officers
   32.07   Election, powers of mayor pro tem
   32.08   Representation of city on formal occasions
   32.09   Mayor to revoke licenses, permits when not otherwise provided
   32.10   Mayor to sign licenses, contacts and warrants
   32.11   Mayor to preserve order; authority to release prisoners
   32.12   Additional powers, duties
City Clerk
   32.20   Election
   32.21   Salary
   32.22   Sealing, attestation of documents
   32.23   Duty to pay money over to treasurer
   32.24   Accounts
   32.25   Records
   32.26   Custody, use of seal
   32.27   Custody of documents, officers' bonds
   32.28   City funds
   32.29   Personnel records
   32.30   Indexes required
   32.31   Recording of ordinances
   32.32   Clerk to keep journal, furnish copies
   32.33   Additional duties
City Treasurer
   32.40   Election, term
   32.41   General duties
   32.42   Deposit of funds; intermingling prohibited; approval of mayor and council required for transfer; withdrawal or investment of sum in excess of $5,000
   32.43   Records required
   32.44   Records of bonds, orders, vouchers
   32.45   Books of appropriations, expenditures, receipts required; availability for inspection
   32.46   Accounts of funds, debts
   32.47   Monthly statements required; records of warrants
   32.48   Annual reports
   32.49   Purchase; sale of securities
Deputy Clerk
   32.60   Deputy Clerk
   32.61   Powers and duties
   32.62   Execution of documents
   Salary of mayor, city treasurer, see § 30.09