All meetings of the city council, of any standing or special committee of the Council, and of any zoning or other board, committee, or agency of the city shall be open to the public, except for:
   (A)   Collective bargaining sessions between employees and the city or its representatives.
   (B)   Meetings or portions of meetings where the acquisition of real property is being considered.
   (C)   Meetings or portions of meetings where a pending court proceeding against or on behalf of the city is being considered.
   (D)   Meetings to consider information regarding appointment, employment, or dismissal of an employee or officer, provided that no final action thereon may be taken except at a public meeting.
('69 Code, § 2-40)
Statutory reference:
   Meetings of public agencies, ILCS Ch. 5, Act 120, §§ 1 et seq.