31.01   Meetings to be public; exceptions
   31.02   Notice
   31.03   Day; hour
   31.04   Location
   31.05   Special meetings
   31.06   Chairman pro tem
   31.07   Convening of meetings; lack of a quorum
   31.08   Standing committees enumerated
   31.09   (Reserved)
   31.10   Special committees
   31.11   Deferring committee reports
   31.12   Ordaining clause
   31.13   Vote required; yeas and nays
   31.14   Approval or veto of ordinances; resolutions, motions
   31.15   Reconsideration and passage over veto
   31.16   Ordinances to be published
   31.17   When ordinances take effect
   31.18   Censure or expulsion of aldermen
   31.19   Quorum established
   31.20   Supervision of code of ordinances
   31.21   Granting of permission for maintenance or construction of temporary structures on city-owned rights-of-way
   31.22   Electronic attendance at meetings rules
Rules of Procedure
   31.30   Order of business
   31.31   Presiding officer to preserve order, decide questions
   31.32   Presiding officer may clear chamber
   31.33   Leaving, walking around chamber while question being put
   31.34   Recognition required before speaking
   31.35   Scope of debate
   31.36   Presiding officer to decide who speaks
   31.37   Visitors addressing Council
   31.38   Presentation of new matter
   31.39   Debate regulated
   31.40   Distracting members while speaking
   31.41   Calling a member to order
   31.42   Appeals from the chair
   31.43   Questions of personal privilege
   31.44   Voting required; exceptions
   31.45   Special order of business
   31.46   Seconding of motions; when motions to be written
   31.47   Withdrawal of motions
   31.48   Division of questions
   31.49   Name of movant to be entered in journal
   31.50   Taking, entering of votes; explanation of votes not permitted
   31.51   Announcement and changes of votes
   31.52   Precedence of motions
   31.53   Motions to adjourn
   31.54   Moving the previous questions
   31.55   Motions to lay on the table and take from the table
   31.56   Motions to postpone or defer
   31.57   Motions to refer to committee
   31.58   Motions to amend
   31.59   Motions to reconsider
   31.60   Filling of blanks
   31.61   Robert's Rules adopted
   31.62   Suspension, amendment of rules
   Salary of aldermen, see § 30.09