13.04.180   Connection charges and advances therefor.
   (a)   Connection Charge Assessments. Charges established by the city for the privilege of connecting to the city's sanitary sewerage or water facilities, or as a condition to providing sewer or water service, may be included in and collected as part of any special assessments levied under the provisions of this title.
   (b)   Division of Assessment. In any proceeding for the acquisition or construction of sanitary sewerage facilities or water facilities or both, the council may direct that each assessment be divided into two parts, one representing a connection charge (hereinafter called "the connection charge portion") and the other the balance remaining after deducting the connection charge portion from the original total assessment (hereinafter called "the remaining balance").
   (c)   Connection Charges - Establishment. Charges for the privilege of connecting to the sanitary sewerage facilities and water distribution facilities of the city are hereby established as a condition to the providing of sewer or water service, to become effective in any given project area or portion thereof upon adoption of the resolution ordering cash advances in any project provided for in Section 13.04.180(e).
   (d)   Id. - Amount. The amount of such connection charge in each project area or portion thereof shall be fixed in said resolution provided for in Section 13.04.180(e).
   (e)   Cash Advances to Project. In any project in which the council directs a division of assessments as provided in Section 13.04.180(b), the resolution directing such division shall provide for cash advances to the project to represent all of the connection charge portions of assessments except those as to which property owners have failed to exercise the deduction option as provided in Section 13.04.180(f).
   (f)   Property Owners' Option. In any project as to which such charges are fixed and cash advances ordered, one connection charge shall be included in each individual assessment as finally confirmed by the council and recorded in the office of the superintendent of streets. The owner of each parcel assessed, in the notice to pay assessments, shall be given the option of reducing his assessment by the amount of the connection charge included therein. The original record of any assessment as to which the option is exercised, shall be marked "$_________ paid by connection charge deduction" (inserting the amount of charge to be deducted). Each connection charge deducted, as well as any charge represented by the city's cash advance to the project, shall be payable in cash at the time of connection to the facilities constructed in the proceedings. If a connection charge is left in the assessment and either paid in cash or allowed to go to bond, the property is entitled to a single connection without payment of further charges therefor other than the cost of constructing lateral connections not included in the proceedings and any permit, inspection or other fees now or hereafter established by the city. The council may, by resolution, change the amount of the charge at any time.
   If the option has not been exercised by the end of the case payment period, the owner will be deemed to have elected to leave his assessment unchanged.
(Ord. 2277 (part), 1966: prior code § 40.118)