13.04.170   Contributions and advances.
   (a)   Contributions. Contributions or partial payments from the United States or the state or any agency of either, or from the county, may be accepted and the same or any available city moneys applied to any part of the costs of a project at any time during or after the proceedings and applied in reduction of the amount assessed or to be assessed therefor.
   (b)   Purchase of Assessment, Warrant and Bonds. In any proceeding had hereunder, the city may declare in the resolution of intention that it intends to purchase the assessment, warrant or bonds to be issued therein.
   (c)   Id. - Payment. The city shall, upon the issuance of the assessment, warrant or bonds, as the case may be, pay to the contractor, who shall have been awarded the contract to do the work in such proceeding, in case of public improvements, or into court, in case of acquisition proceedings, the principal amount thereof.
   (d)   Id. - Bonds. Such bonds, when issued, shall be made payable to bearer.
   (e)   Id. - City. In such case, the city shall succeed to all rights under such assessment, warrant and bonds.
   (f)   Id. - Subsequent Purchase. The city shall have like power to subsequently acquire and own any bonds or assessments or contract issued or levied or made hereunder, or now issued and outstanding, for any improvement and/or acquisition of the city.
   (g)   Purchase and Sale of Delinquent Property. The city may bid and purchase any real or personal property offered for sale for the nonpayment of any improvement assessment levied and assessed under any of the provisions of this part, or of any installment thereof, or penalties or costs or interest thereon, or any suit brought to foreclose such assessment.
   (h)   Id. - Sale. Whenever any property shall have been acquired by the city at any such sale, then such property, or any lien thereon or interest therein created by such assessment, may be released, assigned, sold or otherwise disposed of by city as it shall determine; provided, however, that no such release, assignment, sale or other disposition of any such lien or interest, or of any such property, shall be made unless there shall be first paid to the city a sum of money equal to, and not less than the amount paid therefor by city, together with all accrued penalties, costs, interest, and necessary expenses incurred; provided, further, that if any lien or interest, or property, cannot, as determined by council, be sold for the amounts or charges computed as herein provided, then the council may by four-fifths vote of all its members, sell any such lien or interest or property for the best price obtainable according to its judgment.
   (i)   Advanced by City Without Bonds. The council may declare in the resolution of intention or by separate resolution subsequently adopted that the city intends to advance the entire cost of the project from available funds without issuance of bonds. In such event the city shall pay all project costs as they accrue, and shall succeed to all rights under the assessment and to all rights which would have accrued under the bonds had they been issued.
   (j)   Reimbursement. The assessment and diagram and/or warrant shall be recorded as in other cases and notice to pay assessments given in the time and manner provided herein. Such notices shall provide in substance that the assessment may be paid in cash in whole or in part at any time prior to the notice hereinafter mentioned in subsection (k) of this section, but that the amount unpaid as of July first of each year following the recordation of the assessment will be increased by five percent.
   (k)   Id. - Notice of Installment Payment. The city may, at any time after the expiration of thirty days from recordation of the assessment, give notice by publication and mailing that the amounts unpaid on the thirtieth day after such mailing are due and payable to the city in annual installments, not necessarily equal, but not exceeding the maximum number of installments set forth in the resolution of intention, with interest at rates to be fixed by the council, but not to exceed the rate set forth in the resolution of intention.
   (l)   Id. - Payment. Thereafter, the annual proportion of each assessment coming due in any year, together with the annual interest on such assessment, shall be payable in the same manner and at the same time and in the same installments and be subject to the same proportionate penalties and interest after delinquency, as would have been the case had bonds been issued to represent the unpaid assessments.
(Ord. 2277 (part), 1966: prior code § 40.117)