13.04.120   Incidental expenses in proceedings for an acquisition.
   (a)   The term "incidental expenses," when referring to proceedings for an acquisition, shall be deemed to mean and shall include:
   (1)   The amounts awarded to the defendants by the interlocutory judgments;
   (2)   The costs of the defendants;
   (3)   The compensation and expenses of the referees, as allowed by the court;
   (4)   All other costs of the plaintiff in such action and expenses incurred by it in the trial thereof, including the compensation paid expert appraisers and witnesses;
   (5)   All expenses necessarily incurred in connection with such proceedings for the publication, mailing and posting of resolutions, notices and orders in any of the proceedings;
   (6)   For maps, plats, surveys, searches and certificates of title to the property to be acquired;
   (7)   The compensation of the attorneys;
   (8)   The compensation of the engineers;
   (9)   The clerical, stenographic and printing expenses incident to the actions;
   (10)   The estimated cost of preparing and selling the bonds; and
   (11)   Any other expenses incurred by authority of this title or incidental to the completion of the acquisition in the manner herein specified.
(Ord. 2277 (part), 1966: prior code § 40.112)