6.24.040   Materials and construction requirements.
   (a)   All stables hereafter constructed, reconstructed, altered or repaired within the corporate limits of the city shall, in addition to any zoning regulations and other regulations of the city governing construction, fully comply with the regulations of this section and the regulations applicable to accessory buildings.
   (b)   All floors shall have adequate drainage.
   (c)   Adequate ventilation shall be provided in all stables. There shall be not less than five hundred cubic feet of space for each stall or animal housed in any stable.
   (d)   There shall be provided upon all premises upon which any stable is situated one or more manure bins, sufficient in number and dimensions to contain all manure accumulating between removals. The bins shall be flyproof when closed, and shall be kept closed at all times except when manure is being introduced therein or being removed therefrom.
   (e)   All bins, storerooms or receptacles in which any grain or feed other than hay is stored or kept shall be thoroughly ratproofed.
   (f)   All stables capable of accommodating more than six or less than twenty-five animals shall have at least two exits five feet or more in width and at least thirty feet apart, and shall be at opposite ends of the stable if practicable. All stables capable of accommodating twenty-five or more animals shall have exits as herein provided, except that the width thereof shall be not less than five and one-half feet, and said width shall be increased six inches for each additional ten animals accommodated above twenty-five animals.
(Ord. 3006 § 1 (part), 1977)