4.39.100   Appeal.
   An alarm user whose alarm registration has been denied or revoked by the city, may appeal that decision.
   (a)   Letter of Appeal. Such alarm user must file a letter of appeal with the police or fire department alarm administrator within fifteen days of the mailing of the letter of notification of denial or revocation. While the appeal is pending, the alarm user’s registration shall not be revoked, but an appeal shall not affect the denial of an alarm registration.
   (b)   Setting of Hearing. If the alarm user files a timely letter of appeal, an administrative hearing officer shall set a time and place for a hearing on the appeal. The date set for hearing shall be no more than sixty days after the city’s receipt of the letter of appeal. Failure to file a timely letter of appeal shall be a waiver of the alarm user’s right to a hearing; however, the administrative hearing officer may set a date for a hearing if there is cause to believe that it might encourage substantial cooperation from the alarm user.
   (c)   Hearing. At the time and place set for the hearing upon the appeal, the administrative hearing officer shall hear evidence from the appellant and/or any other interested party. The burden of proof shall be upon the appellant to show that there was no substantial evidence to support disconnection the denial or revocation of the alarm registration.
   (d)   Decision. Within ten calendar days after the conclusion of the hearing, the administrative hearing officer shall render a decision on the appeal. The decision shall be final. Notification of the decision shall be mailed to the appellant within three days of the decision. If the appeal of an alarm registration revocation is denied, the notification shall inform the alarm user of the exact date that revocation of the alarm registration shall commence which shall in no event be sooner than five days after notice of the decision has been mailed.
(Ord. 5441 § 1 (part), 2018: Ord. 4726 § 2 (part), 2002)