4.34.090   Exemptions.
   (a)   The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to or affect the following persons:
   (1)   Persons acting pursuant to an order or process of a court of competent jurisdiction;
   (2)   Persons acting in accordance with their powers and duties as public officers such as sheriffs and marshals;
   (3)   Duly licensed auctioneers, selling at auction;
   (4)   Any publisher of a newspaper, magazine or other publication who publishes any such advertisement in good faith, without knowledge of its false, deceptive or misleading character, or without knowledge that the provisions of this chapter have not been complied with;
   (5)   Persons engaged in the business of buying and selling secondhand, distressed, bankrupt or liquidated stock or similar merchandise in bulk lots for purposes of resale and having a fixed place of business for such purpose in the city of Palo Alto.
(Ord. 1611 (part), 1955: prior code § 4.29)