4.34.040   Conditions of permit.
   Any permit issued under the provisions of this chapter shall authorize the one type of sale named in the application, at the place named therein, for a period of not more than sixty calendar days, and shall permit the sale of goods only which are set out in said application, all of which goods throughout the duration of the sale must be definitely separated from any other goods displayed at or within the store or place of business, and all advertising, signs, or notices referring to or calling attention to the sale must be confined to the display, or displays of goods involved in the sale; provided, however, that the chief of police may, upon a verified application therefor, renew said permit for a period of not to exceed thirty days, upon the payment of a renewal fee in the amount set forth in the municipal fee schedule. Such verified petition for renewal shall set forth a complete list of goods listed in the original application and remaining unsold, and shall not contain any goods, wares, or merchandise not named in such original application. Upon receipt of such application for renewal, the chief of police shall cause an investigation to be made at once, and if satisfied of the truth of the statements therein contained, the chief of police shall grant such renewal, which shall be endorsed and signed as provided for the original permit. The chief of police may renew any original permit in the manner provided in this section not to exceed two times, upon the payment of the sum set forth in the municipal fee schedule for each such renewal; provided, however, that the chief of police may not issue permits or renewals which will allow the conduct of any sale or sales of any kind or kinds named in this chapter at any one location for more than one hundred twenty calendar days in any one twelve-month period.
(Ord. 2960 § 19, 1976; Ord. 1611 (part), 1955: prior code § 4.24)