4.30.050   Suspension and revocation of permits.
   (a)   Definitions.
   (1)   "Suspension" means that the permit is temporarily withdrawn and is reinstated when the suspension period ends.
   (2)   "Revocation" means that the permit is terminated and that a new permit may not be obtained until the original permit period ends.
   (b)   Grounds for Suspension or Revocation. The permit may be suspended or revoked in accordance with the procedures specified in Section 4.30.060 for a violation of this chapter or for any one of the following reasons:
   (1)   Failure to comply with the requirements of California Business and Professions Code Section 17510.3 during the solicitation;
   (2)   The permit holder or any of the persons involved in the solicitation is found by a court to have engaged, during the solicitation, in fraudulent activity, violation of trespass statutes, or crimes of violence;
   (3)   The applicant has intentionally misrepresented a material fact on the application;
   (4)   The solicitation is not authorized by the organization or its officers and managers as listed on the application.
(Ord. 3368 § 2 (part), 1982)