21.40.070   Contents of an application.
   (a)   In addition to the other requirements of this title, an application for approval of a tentative or preliminary parcel map for a conversion shall be accompanied by the following information:
   (1)   Age and length of occupancy of every tenant including children, in the rental housing complex on the date of the conversion application;
   (2)   Current rents for each unit and the date and amount of all rental increases within the two years prior to the date the conversion application is received;
   (3)   The approximate proposed sales price of each unit and the pro forma budget proposed for submission to the real estate commissioner or a similar estimate of projected annual operating and maintenance fees or assessments; and
   (4)   A statement of any repairs or improvements proposed to be completed prior to the sale of units, along with a time schedule therefor;
   (5)   A statement of proposed tree and landscaping removal and/or planting, if any;
   (6)   A parking plan, including the total number of spaces actually provided, the total number of covered and uncovered spaces, and the location and number of guest parking spaces;
   (7)   A report describing the building's utilities, storage space and laundry facilities;
   (8)   Any other information which, in the opinion of the director of planning and community environment, will assist the city in determining whether the proposed conversion is consistent with the purposes of this chapter and the comprehensive plan.
(Ord. 3295 § 1 (part), 1981)