2.26.050   General rules for art in public places.
   (a)   Review of Permanent and Temporary Installations. Permanent installations shall receive the prior review and advice of the public art commission. Temporary installations shall receive the prior review and advice of the director of arts. Extensions of time for temporary installations to remain for one year or more may be granted by the director of arts in consultation with the public art commission. Permanent installations shall not be removed, altered, or changed without the prior review and advice of the public art commission.
   (b)   Private Sites for Art In Public Places. No work of art financed or installed either wholly or in part with city funds or with grants procured by the city shall be permanently installed on privately owned property without a written agreement between the city and the owner specifying the proprietary interests in the work of art, binding the owner to the general rules for art in public places, and specifying other provisions deemed necessary or desirable by the city attorney. Additionally, such written agreements, except those for murals which shall be exempt from the requirements imposed by this sentence, shall specify that the private property owner shall assure:
   (1)   That the installation of the work of art will be done in a manner which will protect the work of art and the public;
   (2)   That the work of art will be maintained in good condition; and
   (3)   That the insurance and indemnification will be provided as is appropriate.
   (c)   Consultation with the Artist. Installation, maintenance, alteration, refinishing, and moving of art in public places shall be done in consultation with the artist whenever feasible.
   (d)   Inventory of Art in Public Places. The director of art and culture shall maintain a detailed record of all art in public places, including site drawings, photographs, designs, names of artists, and names of architects whenever feasible. The director of arts and culture shall attempt to give appropriate recognition to the artists in publicity and promotion regarding art in public places.
(Ord. 3930 § 27, 1990: Ord. 3888 § 6, 1989: Ord. 3118 § 1, 1979: Ord. 2892 § 2 (part), 1975)