20.04.150   Adoption of official plan lines outside city limits.
   (a)   Unincorporated Areas Outside City. The planning commission and the city council may hold hearings in the manner prescribed herein to adopt official plan lines for unincorporated areas outside of the city boundaries which, in the planning commission's or city council's judgment, bears relation to its planning.
   (b)   Notice of Hearing. Whenever hearings are to be held on official plan lines covering land outside the city boundaries, a notice of said hearing will be transmitted to the Santa Clara County planning commission and board of supervisors of Santa Clara County along with copies of appropriate maps, for comment from said planning commission or board of supervisors. If no comments are received within forty days after transmittal, said proposals shall be deemed to be acceptable with the county planning commission and or board of supervisors.
   (c)   Effective Date of Official Plan Lines. Official plan lines adopted for land outside the city boundaries do not become effective until such land is duly annexed to the city.
   (d)   Official Plan Line Affecting Adjacent City. Whenever an official plan line is being considered which affects an adjacent city, the city clerk shall transmit a copy of the proposed map to the appropriate adjacent city planning commission(s) for their comments. If no comments are received within forty days after transmittal, said proposal shall be deemed acceptable with said adjacent city planning commission.
(Ord. 2214 (part), 1964: prior code § 36.415)