20.04.010   Definitions.
   For the purpose of this chapter, unless it is plainly evident from the context that a different meaning is intended certain terms used herein are defined as follows:
   (a)   "Map" means an illustration, including a drawing, aerial photograph, or photomap, accurately indicating the precise location of a planned right-of-way or portion thereof.
   (b)   "Official plan line" means the boundaries and limits of a planned right-of-way, including the future right-of-way of an existing street as it is proposed to be widened and including all lands necessary for the building, widening or maintenance of any road, street, highway, or any other type of public way, which planned right-of-way is based on the general plan for the city of Palo Alto.
   (c)   "Right-of-way" means all or any part of the entire width of a road, street, or highway easement, whether or not such entire area is actually used for road, street, or highway purposes.
(Ord. 2214 (part), 1964: prior code § 36.401)