16.45.020   Definitions.
   For the purposes of this chapter, the following definitions shall be in effect:
   (a)   "Area" means Area 8, the Stanford Research Park/El Camino Real CS zone, as shown in EIR Figure A-7.
   (b)   "Capacity improvement" means any physical change designed to improve the level of service of an intersection or street segment.
   (c)   "Change of use" means the replacement of an existing use by a new use, or a change in the nature of an existing use, but not including a change of ownership, tenancy, or management where the previous nature of the use, line of business, or other function is substantially unchanged.
   (d)   "City" means city of Palo Alto.
   (e)   "Development" means a habitable building, whether or not in use.
   (f)   "EIR" means the Citywide Land Use and Transportation Study Draft Environmental Impact Report, September 1988, certified by the city council on March 6, 1989.
   (g)   "Fee" means transportation impact fee.
   (h)   "Fund" means the Stanford Research Park/El Camino Real CS zone area fund.
   (i)   "Gross square feet" means gross floor area, as defined in Section 18.04.030 of this code.
   (j)   "New development" means (i) a nonresidential development that is constructed on a vacant site or sites on which there was never a previous development; or (ii) any resultant increase in gross square feet when a nonresidential development replaces all or part of an existing or previous development on a site; (iii) any additional gross square feet added to an existing nonresidential development.
   (k)   "Previous development" means a habitable building that was present at any time on a site but which has since been removed.
   (l)   "Site" means a parcel of land consisting of a single lot of record, used or intended for use under the regulations of Title 18 (Zoning) as one site for a use or a group of uses.
   (m)   "Use" means the conduct of an activity, or the performance of a function or operation, on a site or in a building or facility.
   (n)   "Designated intersections" means those eight intersections listed in Section 16.45.060(a) to which capacity improvements will be made and paid for by the fee collected pursuant to this chapter.
(Ord. 3894 § 1 (part), 1989)