16.42.030   Scope of program.
   (a)   Applicability. The following buildings in Palo Alto shall be required to have an engineering report submitted to the city's building inspection division, pursuant to Section 16.42.050, to determine: (i) the existence, nature and extent of structural deficiencies which could result in collapse or partial collapse of the building; and (ii) the existence, nature and extent of deficiencies in the anchoring of external hazards:
   (1)   Buildings constructed of unreinforced masonry (URM), except those of less than one thousand nine hundred square feet containing six or fewer occupants;
   (2)   Buildings constructed prior to January 1, 1935 containing one hundred or more occupants;
   (3)   Buildings constructed prior to August 1, 1976 containing three hundred or more occupants.
   (b)   Exemptions. The following buildings need not comply with this chapter:
   (1)   Buildings which have been structurally upgraded in substantial accordance with either the Los Angeles Division 88 Standard for URM buildings or the 1973, or later, edition of the Uniform Building Code;
   (2)   Buildings whose uses are subject to amortization under this code; provided that, upon the termination of the nonconforming use, such a building shall be required to be rehabilitated to the then current lateral force requirements in the Uniform Building Code prior to occupancy by a conforming use.
(Ord. 3666 § 1 (part), 1986)