(A)   The City Council recognizes and supports the practice of the city’s Fire Department to bill persons and entities, including insurance companies providing coverage to said persons and entitles, for the reasonable costs that are related and incidental to any loss, damage and wear to the city’s Fire Department apparatus, tools, equipment and materials utilized to provide the emergency services to said persons and entities.
   (B)   (1)   Fees shall be collected for services provided within the city’s Fire Department designated response area that includes both inside and outside the city limits.
      (2)   Fees will not exceed the amount expended by the city’s Fire Department.
      (3)   Fire Administration shall collect applicable incident report information and will forward to the city’s Fire Department’s authorized agent responsible for collection of any incurred fees.
   (C)   The city’s Fire Department, or its authorized agent, shall submit an invoice to the appropriate insurance company, persons or entity covering or responsible for the particular expenses as related to the emergency services provided.
   (D)   Residents of the city who have no insurance coverage for the incident as a result of which they received emergency services rendered by the city’s Fire Department are hereby exempted from the Fire Department service charges contained herein, unless it is determined that the emergency services were provided as a result of negligent and/or malicious act(s) or risky behavior on the part of said persons, in which case said exemption shall not apply, in addition, any commercially owned, operated or zoned property shall not be eligible for said exemption listed in this section.
(Ord. 2014-05, passed 2-13-2014)