(A)   On the complaint of any person, the Marshal, at any reasonable time, is entitled to enter any building or premises.
   (B)   The Marshal shall enter and is entitled, at any time, to enter and make a thorough examination of any: mercantile, manufacturing or public building; place of amusement; place where public gatherings are held; or premises belonging to a building or place.
   (C)   The Marshal shall order the removal of a building or structure or other remedial action if it is determined that:
      (1)   The building or other structure that, because of lack of repair, age, dilapidated condition or other reason, is susceptible to fire and is so located or occupied that fire would endanger persons or property in the building or structure;
      (2)   A dangerous condition is created by:
         (a)   An improper arrangement of stoves, ranges, furnaces or other heating appliances, including chimneys, flues and pipes with which they are connected, or by their lighting systems or devices; or
         (b)   The manner of storage of explosives, compounds, petroleum, gasoline, kerosene, dangerous chemicals, vegetable products, ashes or combustible, flammable or refuse materials.
      (3)   Any other condition existing that is dangerous or is liable to cause or promote fire or create danger for firefighters, occupants or other buildings or structures.
   (D)   The occupant or owner of the building or premises shall immediately comply with an order made by the Marshal under this section. The Marshal may, if necessary, apply to a court of competent jurisdiction for writs or orders necessary to enforce this section, and the court may grant appropriate relief. The Marshal is not required to give a bond.
(Ord. 2011-07, passed 6-29-2011)