(A)   The Marshal must be a sworn full-time law enforcement officer, as designated under Tex. Code of Criminal Procedures § 2.12.
   (B)   Any member of the office of Emergency Services must submit to a criminal background investigation prior to appointment and must be free from felony conviction; and must meet applicable requirements of appointment for such office by the state’s Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education.
   (C)   The Marshal or his or her designee shall maintain an on-call schedule and respond when requested in the event an emergency arises. The office of Emergency Service shall have all contact information registered with the county’s Emergency Management Office and with the state’s Department of Emergency Management.
   (D)   The Marshal shall be responsible for acting as the city’s liaison with the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council with matters of communications or homeland security.
   (E)   The Marshal shall be a registered member of the state’s Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Management RACES team.
   (F)   The Marshal shall serve as a member of the Incident Management Team (TMT) of the state’s Department of Public Safety region.
   (G)   The Marshal may create, appoint, supervise and operate a “volunteer” group, as outlined by the United States Department of Justice, Citizen Corps and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) guidelines.