(A)   Maintenance. All signs for which a permit is required by this chapter, together with all their supports, braces, guys and anchors, shall be kept in good repair and, unless constructed of galvanized or non-corroding metal, shall be thoroughly painted at least once every two years. The Planning Director, Building Official or other duly authorized city official, may, after due notice is given, order the removal of any sign that is not maintained in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. Such removal shall be at the expense of the owner or lessee.
   (B)   Replacement or repair. When any sign or a substantial part of any sign is blown down or otherwise destroyed or taken down or removed for any purpose other than maintenance operations or for changing the letters, symbols or other matter on the sign, it may not be re-erected, reconstructed or rebuilt, except in full conformance with the provisions and requirements of this chapter, including whether said sign is permitted or not under zoning assessment. For purposes of this provision, a sign or substantial part of a sign is considered to have been destroyed only if the cost of repairing such sign is more than 50% of the original cost of the existing sign at the same location.
(Ord. 2016-07A, passed 8-9-2016)