(A)   Temporary construction sign. These signs shall be permitted on the site of approved projects or developments. Temporary construction signs may be erected and maintained for a period of 90 days prior to commencement of construction and shall be removed by the owner within 60 days after completion of building on the site.
   (B)   Temporary political sign. These signs may be placed in all zoning districts; however and except for polling places, such signs shall not be placed in the public right-of-way or any railroad right-of-way. Political signs shall be removed within 30 calendar days after the election is completed and decided.
   (C)   Temporary real estate sign. These signs shall be located only upon the premises for sale, lease or rent. Such signs may be erected no more than 30 days prior to construction and shall be removed within 30 days following the sale or lease of the premises upon which the sign is located.
   (D)   Temporary banner sign. These signs shall not exceed three feet in width and shall not require a permit. Typically, banner signs shall not be wider than three feet.
   (E)   Abandoned sign. Except as otherwise provided, any sign that is located on property which becomes vacant and is unoccupied for a period of three months or more, or any sign which pertains to a time, event or purpose which no longer applies, shall be deemed to have been abandoned. Permanent signs applicable to a business temporarily suspended because of a change of ownership or management of such business shall not be deemed abandoned unless the property remains vacant for a period of six consecutive months or more. An abandoned sign is prohibited and shall be removed by the owner of the sign, owner of the premises or the Planning Director after written notice has been served via certified mail.
   (F)   Unsafe sign. Should any sign become unsecured or in danger of falling or otherwise be at risk of being unsafe, the owner of the sign and/or premises shall be send a written notice of such opinion providing not more than ten calendar days in which to secure the unsafe sign to a status of where it is deemed “safe” by the Building Official. The owner may also remove said sign to be in compliance. If such order is not complied within the ten-day allotted, the city shall remove such sign at the expense of the owner or lessee thereof, including filing a lien on said property.
   (G)   Non-conforming sign.
      (1)   Allowing non-conforming signs to remain in place indefinitely hampers a primary function of this chapter which is to improve the aesthetics of the overall community. For any non-conforming sign requiring removal, the city shall reimburse the owner according to the provisions of state law (HB 1330).
      (2)   No non-conforming sign shall be repaired or renovated where the effect of such repair or renovation shall be to enlarge or increase the structure of the non-conforming sign. For the purposes of this section, normal maintenance shall not be considered to be repair or renovation.
   (H)   Institutional sign. Such signs, when the institutional use is permitted outright by either zoning or, if an option in a non-public zoning district, via an approved conditional use permit, shall be entitled to one temporary sign only per site, the maximum height to be no more than 15 feet; the maximum square footage to be no more than 60 square feet; the building setback to be no less than five feet to the property lines; and the maximum number of advertising faces to be no more than two.
(Ord. 2016-07A, passed 8-9-2016)