(A)   No more than two permanent signs shall be allowed on one lot, except those lots with double frontage, in which case a maximum of three permanent signs will be permitted with at least one sign on each frontage. If a multi-frontage development, another tenant sign may be permitted, but not to exceed 40 feet in height and 400 square feet per face.
   (B)   No site may utilize more than three different types of signs, excluding temporary and exempted signs.
   (C)   Signs shall not create a nuisance to the occupancy of the reasonable use of other properties as a result of the sign’s size, height, brightness or movement.
   (D)   Signs shall be in harmony with the building, the neighborhood or other signs in the area, except when such other signs do not meet the purposes of this chapter.
   (E)   No sign shall be allowed within the restricted area described as follows: all of that portion of land lying within a triangular shaped corner clip area on each street corner beginning at the precise intersecting point where the two corner streets (would) intersect, and extending 30 feet along such curb line alignment; thence from one such 30-foot extension to the other, whether such land is privately owned or unpaved or untraveled street right-of-way, or along similar property of private streets. Furthermore, no sign shall be placed on public right-of-way without the prior approval of the City Council and said sign permit and accompanying fee to be reassessed in approximately one-year intervals so that the city may assess any evolving land use conditions which may require the sign to be removed and/or relocated. In considering approval or not to have a sign in public right-of-way, the city may consider the intent and/or message of the community service sign, its size, location, height, aesthetics and other similar features including liability and maintenance aspects. If approved, the sign shall be subject to removal, at the expense of the owner, upon a 30-day written notice to have said sign removed. Also, if such private sign is approved on public right-of-way, the owner shall sign and record a hold harmless agreement to be recorded in the office of the County Clerk. The application fee to consider such a sign shall be $50 and, if approved, a permit fee of $100 will be imposed prior to permit issuance.
   (F)   Searchlights may be allowed only on a temporary basis, but shall be operated to not create a traffic hazard or risk traffic safety.
(Ord. 2016-07A, passed 8-9-2016)