The permittee shall request an inspection by the City Inspector or City Engineer of the restoration work on the excavated site. If permittee fails to restore the street or highway to its original condition, as required by this subchapter, the City Inspector or City Engineer shall so notify the permittee. If the permittee fails to perform the work required to achieve compliance with this subchapter within five days after having been notified that the backfill, curb replacement or street repavement does not comply with the requirements of this subchapter, the city may proceed to have the street, alley or other highway restored to its original condition, paying the same out of the cash deposited as security with the city. After completion of the work, any funds remaining will be refunded to the permittee and any deficiencies shall be charged against the permittee.
(Ord. 2005-01, passed 2-15-2005)