(A)   General. A fee of $50 will be assessed for each excavation permit issued under this subchapter.
   (B)   Cash security required. The City Inspector shall estimate the probable cost of replacing the soil, which may be removed from such public street or highway right-of-way and/or the repaving of any cut street, and shall require the applicant to deposit a cash security in an amount sufficient to cover such cost, on condition that the street right-of-way and/or street shall be restored to its original state.
   (C)   Issuance. When the cash deposit required in this subchapter shall have been accepted by the City Inspector, he or she shall then issue a permit for the excavation or opening stated in the application and the applicant may then proceed with the work in the exact location named in his or her application, and in no other place.
(Ord. 2005-01, passed 2-15-2005)