The term LOITER includes any of the following activities, although this list is not meant to be all-inclusive:
   (A)   Lingering in the streets, sidewalks, parking lots or vicinity of a business, in which the person has no ownership or employment interest, either within or outside of a vehicle, when the premises are not open for business to the public;
   (B)   Failure to leave private property when requested to do so by the owner, manager, proprietor or lessee of such property;
   (C)   Walking, standing, driving a vehicle or parking a vehicle in the business district or non- residential areas of the city under circumstances that show no apparent business or employment-related need for such activity;
   (D)   Lingering in the street, sidewalks or vicinity of a residence, either within or outside of a vehicle, without the permission of the owner or tenant of the residence;
   (E)   Lingering in the streets, alleys, sidewalks, parks or other public places, either within or outside of a vehicle, under circumstances that show no apparent reason or business to do so;
   (F)   The systematic checking by a person of doors, windows or other means of access to buildings, houses or vehicles;
   (G)   Repeated activity by a person, continuous or broken, which outwardly manifests no purpose, such as going from one place to another and back with no showing of use for such movement; and/or
   (H)   Continuous presence by a person in close proximity to any building, house, vehicle or any other property or to any other person, at any time, when the activity of such person manifests possible unlawful activity, such continuous presence being for an unreasonable period of time under the circumstances then existing.
(Ord. 2009-04, passed 4-20-2009)  Penalty, see § 132.99