In the event any vehicle shall be found standing or parked in or upon any street or regularly designated parking meter space, in violation of and contrary to any of the provisions of this chapter, the same shall be a nuisance per se and shall be removed by any police officer and taken to some place designated by the Chief of Police for such purpose, and there kept by such officer until application for its redemption shall be made by the owner, who shall be entitled to the possession thereof upon payment of the city of the sum of $2, together with all other costs of removal and storage that may have accrued thereon. In the event of the vehicle impounded shall not be redeemed by its owner within 30 days, then such vehicle shall be sold for such penalty, charges and costs in the manner provided by ordinances of the city for the sale of abandoned vehicles. The remedy and impounding fee and costs provided for in this section shall be cumulative of all other penalties provided by ordinances of the city.
(Ord. 2006-03, passed 7-18-2006)