§ 94.09  EXEMPTIONS.
   The provisions set forth above in this chapter shall not apply to:
   (A)   Bona fide farm operations as defined in the Florida Right to Farm Act, F.S. § 823.14.
   (B)   Other properties not subject to or covered under the Florida Right to Farm Act that have pastures used for grazing livestock.
   (C)   Any lands used for bona fide scientific research, including, but not limited to, research on the effects of fertilizer use on urban stormwater, water quality, agronomics, or horticulture.
   (D)   Plants, trees and vegetables used for edible food, owned by individual property owners or a community, provided that fertilizer application rates do not exceed UF/IFAS recommendations or those from a County Extension Agent.
   (E)   Yard waste, compost, mulches, or other similar materials that are primarily organic in nature and are applied to improve and enrich the physical condition of the soil.
(Ord. 2011-15, passed 11-1-2011; Ord. 2014-05, passed 5-27-2014)