Any elector of the Town of Palm Shores, having the qualifications herein provided for Town Council members, and desiring to be a candidate for election as a Town Council member, shall file with the Town Clerk a qualifying statement in substantially the following form.
      “I am a candidate for a seat on the Town Council in the election of                          and I agree to serve if I am elected. I am a qualified voter in the State of Florida and I have resided in the Town of Palm Shores, or in an area which has been annexed by the Town of Palm Shores, for at least one (1) year immediately preceding my qualifications herein.”
      Table Inset has been removed in accordance with Florida Statutes 99.092 and 99.095.
      The Town Clerk shall have qualifying forms available for completion by any candidate who may request such a form. Such qualifying statements shall be filed in accordance with time periods set forth in the statutes of the State of Florida, any applicable regulations, and established from time to time in the Town Code of Ordinances. A qualifying fee of $50.00 shall be paid upon qualification.