Sec. 3.02   MEETINGS
   (1)   Generally. Meetings shall be open to the public. Minutes of each council meeting shall be kept as public documents.
   (2)   Regular meetings. The council shall meet regularly at such times and places as may be prescribed by ordinance, but in no event less than once each month. All regular meetings shall be held at a specific time and place within the Town limits.
   (3)   Special meetings. Special meetings, limited to the subjects specified in the call, may be convened by the mayor, or three (3) council members. At least twenty-four (24) hours notice shall be provided to each council member. A notice stating the time, place, and subject matter of said meeting shall be posted at the Town hall. The council shall prescribe the means of serving or furnishing such notice to its members.
   (4)   Emergency meetings. Emergency meetings may be convened by the mayor or three council members. Maximum reasonable notice shall be given to each council member. The first order of business shall be the determination, by a vote of at least one council member present, that an emergency situation involving health, safety, or public welfare warranting council actions exists. Only matters relating to the emergency may be considered at such meeting. Emergency meetings may be called with six (6) hours notice.