(A)   Creation.  There is hereby created a Code Enforcement Special Magistrate of the town under authority of F.S. § 162.  The Special Magistrate shall have the authority to hold hearings and enforce the codes and ordinances of the town as provided in this subchapter when violations of the codes are not corrected following initial action by the Code Inspector.
   (B)   Appointment of the Special Magistrate. The Mayor shall select from a list of qualified candidates the best person to hold office and present the person(s) as the Code Enforcement Special Magistrate of the town for approval by the Town Council.
   (C)   Removal from office.  The Special Magistrate may be suspended and removed from office by the Town Mayor without cause, unless otherwise agreed by written contract.
   (D)   Rules of procedures and compensation.  The Special Magistrate may establish rules for the conduct of hearings as deemed necessary; provided, however, that no rules of procedure may conflict with this subchapter or F.S. § 162. The Special Magistrate shall be compensated as determined by the town.
(Ord. 2006-11, passed 8-22-2006; Ord. 2013-07, passed 9-24-2013)