The owner, tenant and/or agent of an off-street or other vehicular use area shall landscape the interior of these areas to define aisles and other vehicular use areas and to provide relief from the expanse of paving. Prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy by the enforcement officer, this landscaping shall be installed as follows:
   (A)   At least ten square feet of interior landscaping for each parking space, excluding those spaces abutting a perimeter for which landscaping is required, and excluding all parking spaces directly served by an aisle abutting and running parallel to this perimeter;
   (B)   At least one square foot of landscaping for each 100 square feet of paving over 5,000 square feet;
   (C)   If the property contains both parking and other vehicular use areas, the two areas may be separated to determine the landscaping required by this division for the other vehicular use area by multiplying the total number of parking spaces by 400 and subtracting the resulting figure from the total square footage of the paved area;
   (D)   Each separate landscaped area shall be a minimum of 100 square feet with a minimum dimension of five feet and shall include at least one tree. The remaining area shall be adequately landscaped with 50% shrubs and 50% ground cover or other authorized landscaping material;
   (E)   There shall be not less than one tree for each 100 square feet of the interior landscaped area or fraction thereof; and
   (F)   All planting areas, except those abutting the perimeter of a parking lot or area, shall be raised and curbed.
(2000 Code, § 62-110)  (Ord. 86-04, passed 4-22-1986)  Penalty, see § 154.999