The owner, tenant and/or agent of an off-street parking or other vehicular use area shall landscape between the area and any adjacent public street, walk or right-of-way as provided in this section. Prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy by the enforcement official, this landscaping shall be installed as follows:
   (A)   A landscaped strip at least ten feet wide;
   (B)   One tree planted within each 30 lineal feet or fraction thereof in a planting area of at least 50 square feet with the minimum of at least ten feet;
   (C)   A hedge, wall or other durable landscape screen at least two feet six inches in height except as provided in § 154.061;
   (D)   If the durable screen is of nonliving material, one shrub or vine shall be planted abutting the screen, each ten feet apart. Shrubs or vines shall be planted along the street side of the screen or of sufficient heights at the time of planting to be readily visible over the top of the screen;
   (E)   The remainder of the required landscaped areas shall be landscaped with grass, ground cover or other landscape material; and
   (F)   All ground between the right-of-way and off-street parking or other vehicular use area shall be landscaped.
(2000 Code, § 62-108)  (Ord. 86-04, passed 4-22-1986)  Penalty, see § 154.999