(A)   The purpose of this chapter is to provide protective regulations for trees and landscaping in the town.
   (B)   It is the intent of this chapter to promote the community appearance and assist in the natural control of solar heat, soil conservation, flooding, air pollution and noise. In addition, trees offer a haven for community wildlife and provide citizens with psychological relief from the increasing complexities of a man-made urban environment. Further, it is the intent of this section to enhance the community and its citizenry and not be punitive or to cause a hardship to any individual, private or public company who uses reasonable care and diligence to protect trees and indigenous plant material within the town.
   (C)   Trees, indigenous and nonindigenous plant material, as regulated and protected in this chapter are declared to be a natural public resource; and the town encourages planting, replacement and protection of trees and indigenous plant material in the interest of the health, safety and welfare of present and future citizens of the town. Also, certain trees, designated as specimen or historic trees by the Town Council or its designee shall be protected because of their ecological value, indigenous and nonindigenous character, size, age or historic association. Trees and plant material so designated shall be protected without regard to their location within the jurisdiction of the town. To attain that end, it shall be unlawful to cut down, damage, poison or in any other manner destroy or cause to be destroyed any tree or plant material as covered by the terms of this section except in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
(2000 Code, § 62-31)  (Ord. 86-04, passed 4-22-1986)