(A)   Garage sale shall be defined as the sale of new, old, used, or unwanted personal property displayed or offered for sale on the premises of a residence as an incidental use of the primary use permitted in the applicable zoning classification. Such definition includes the word “carport sale,” “yard sale,” “red tag sale,” and other title indicating the same or similar activity. The sale of personal property purchased for the purpose of resale shall be prohibited.
   (B)   Each person desiring to hold a garage sale must reside at the site of the sale.
   (C)   Only one (1) garage sale event per residence, per quarter shall be allowed. Each sales event per each address shall not exceed three (3) consecutive days and shall be conducted during daylight hours only. Multiple family garage sales are not prohibited.
   (D)   At the conclusion of any garage sale, all unsold property shall be removed or packed in such a manner so as not to be visible from any public streets or abutting properties.
   (E)   Any person holding a garage sale shall ensure that neither public property nor private property is damaged or destroyed due to the garage sale. Any person holding a garage sale shall ensure that attendees of the garage sale do not trespass upon the property and/or encroach upon the privacy of other residents. Any person conducting the sale shall provide for and control adequate parking for motor vehicles so as to reasonably prevent unsafe conditions and traffic congestion on public street adjacent to the sale premises.
   (F)   Temporary residential garage sale signs are exempt from permits and may be placed as permitted in § 178.09(M). At the conclusion of any garage sale event, all signs shall be removed immediately.
   (G)   No building permit or other permit or license shall be required to conduct a garage or yard sale.
('74 Code, § 14-111) (Ord. 90-31, passed 9-6-90; Am. Ord. 2022-48, passed 4-21-22) Penalty, see § 114.99