(A)   It shall be unlawful for any city officer or employee to make an unauthorized purchase as defined herein. Except in cases of emergency as specified herein, no officer of the City shall issue any oral or written purchase order, contract, or conduct open market purchases in any manner unless specifically authorized by this Ordinance.
   (B)   The City shall not be bound by any purchase order or contract made contrary to the provisions hereof.
   (C)   An unauthorized purchase includes any item(s) or service(s) that is:
      (1)   Purchased prior to receiving an executed contract or purchase order;
      (2)   Purchased without sufficient funds as determined by the Finance Department; or
      (3)   Purchased in the following manner:
         (a)   Obtaining items under contract from suppliers other than those holding exclusive City contracts for those specific items;
         (b)   Providing the Procurement Department false information such as false bids/ quotes;
         (c)   An "add-on" to a previously approved contract or purchase order without first obtaining approval from the Procurement Department; or
         (d)   Splitting orders of the same or like materials/requirements into two or more individual purchases with the intention of circumventing the competitive solicitation requirements.
   (D)   Requisition-purchase authorization. Except in cases of emergency, no purchase shall be made if there are insufficient unencumbered funds in the appropriate account to be charged.
   (E)   Prohibition against subdivision. No contract or purchase shall be subdivided to avoid the requirements of this Ordinance and/or the Procurement Administrative Codes.
(Ord. 2016-59, passed 8-16-16; Am. Ord. 2020-72, passed 11-5-20)