(A)   The City shall comply with all applicable Federal laws and State statutes.
   (B)   The principles of law and equity, including the Uniform Commercial Code, Fla. Stat. Ch. 671-680, the appropriate portions of law relative to standards of conduct and ethics, Fla. Stat. Part III, Ch. 112, and laws relative to contract, agency, fraud, misrepresentation, duress, coercion, and mistake shall supplement the provisions of this Ordinance and the Procurement Administrative Codes.
   (C)   All procurement information and processes shall be in accordance with the Florida Public Records Law, Fla. Stat. Ch. 119, and the Florida Sunshine Law, Fla. Stat. Ch. 286.
   (D)   Nothing in this ordinance shall prevent the City from complying with the terms of any grant, bequest or gift that is otherwise consistent with the law.
(Ord. 2016-59, passed 8-16-16; Am. Ord. 2020-72, passed 11-5-20)