(A)   Establishment; membership; meetings; definitions.
      (1)   Pursuant to Fla. Stat. Ch. 893, the Code Enforcement Board of the City is hereby designated and established as the Public Nuisance Abatement Board (hereinafter referred to as "Board"), and shall act as the City's administrative board to hear complaints regarding nuisances as provided for herein.
      (2)   The terms of office of the board members shall coincide with the terms of office of the Code Enforcement Board members.
      (3)   The Board shall establish a schedule of regular meetings at such intervals as the Board may determine, but not less frequently than once every two (2) months. Regular meetings of the Board shall be scheduled where possible to immediately precede the regularly scheduled meeting of the Code Enforcement Board and may be cancelled by the Chairman if there is no business to come before the Board.
(Ord. 2016-37, passed 6-16-16)