§ 117.02 ALARM PERMIT.
   (A)   Permit established by resolution. No person shall use an alarm system without first obtaining a permit for such alarm system from the City. A fee shall be required for the initial registration. Each alarm permit shall be assigned a unique permit number, and the User shall provide the permit number to the alarm company to facilitate law enforcement dispatch. No refund of a permit fee will be made nor will fees be prorated.
   (B)   Application. The permit shall be requested on an application form provided by the City. An Alarm User has the duty to obtain an application from the City.
   (C)   Transfer of possession. When the possession of the premises at which an alarm system is maintained is transferred, the person (Alarm User) obtaining possession of the property shall file an application for an alarm permit within thirty (30) days of the transfer date. Alarm permits are not transferable.
   (D)   Reporting updated information. Whenever the information provided on the alarm permit application changes, the Alarm User shall provide correct information to the City within thirty (30) days of the change. In addition, each year after the issuance of the permit, permit holders will receive from the City a form requesting updated information. The permit holder shall complete and return this form to the City, whether or not any information has changed. Failure to comply will constitute a violation and will result in a civil penalty as prescribed in the fee schedule resolution.
   (E)   Multiple alarm systems. If an Alarm User has one (1) or more alarm systems protecting two (2) or more separate structures having different addresses and/or tenants, a separate permit shall be required for each structure and/or tenant.
(Ord. 2013-29, passed 4-28-13