(A)   The owner and/or operator of all properties governed by this code shall maintain the exterior of the premises that they own or control in such a manner as to conform with all city codes and ordinances, to avoid blighting influences on neighboring properties, and to avoid the creation of hazards to public health, safety and welfare.
      (1)   The exterior of all premises and every structure thereon, including all parts of the structure and appurtenances thereto, where exposed to public view shall be maintained in good repair and shall not show evidence of deterioration or discoloration. All screened enclosures shall contain screens that shall be properly fitted and maintained. All surfaces shall be maintained free of broken glass or crumbling stone. All surfaces requiring painting or which are otherwise protected from the elements shall be kept painted or protected.
      (2)   Every surface, fence, vehicle, or exterior wall visible to the public shall be maintained free of graffiti.
(Ord. 99-13, passed 5-6-99)